1. First steps with WingtraOne GEN II


The Wingtra team from Zurich and around the globe is excited to welcome you as a valuable customer.

Thank you for your trust, and you can be sure that we will do our best to support you with your mapping projects.

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Know the rules before you fly

The regulatory environment for drone operations is constantly changing. For the most up-to-date information go to: knowledge.wingtra.com/regulations.

Learn more at knowledge.wingtra.com

Give feedback at feedback.wingtra.com

Open a ticket at knowledge.wingtra.com/kb-tickets/new

Get help by writing to support@wingtra.com

Register your drone

Go to wingtra.com/register to register your drone and to activate your licenses (PPK, Total Maintenance Plan, etc.).


Make sure you received all items from the next two pages (“Drone”, “Pilot box”).


Keep the original packaging

In case of an incident, Wingtra Support might request a return of the equipment to Wingtra's office.


  1. Propellers
  2. Battery compartment
  3. Top cover: access to camera, PPK and electronics
  4. Motors
  5. Middle stand
  6. Distance sensor
  7. Flaps
  8. Side stands


Pilot box

  1. Tablet
  2. Telemetry and its cable
  3. Wind measurement tool
  4. Flight batteries (2 sets)
  5. Propellers
  6. Screwdriver and tablet SD card adapter
  7. SD card holder (SD card comes with the camera)
  8. USB sticks
  9. Torx L-key
  10. Charger for flight batteries and tablet

Start WingtraPilot

1. Start the tablet

2. Open WingtraPilot

3. Go through the initial setup wizard

Update the software

Connect your tablet to the internet (WiFi). Update WingtraPilot if you receive a pop-up telling you that there is a new software update available. Skip this step if there is no pop-up.

  1. Download the newest release
  2. Update WingtraPilot
  3. Update WingtraOne—follow the steps described in WingtraPilot

Learn more about the update process at knowledge.wingtra.com/update-wingtrapilot-wingtraone

Install WingtraHub on your Windows PC

WingtraHub is Wingtra’s application on Windows. You will need it to geotag the images after flight, and you can use it for flight planning instead of WingtraPilot.

Download WingtraHub here: knowledge.wingtra.com/install-wingtrahub.


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