2. Before you go into the field - WingtraOne GEN II

Do not fly in 


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  1. Fog
  2. Snow or rain
  3. Strong continuous winds*
  4. Extreme temperatures
  5. High altitude ** 

Use return to home (RTH) if conditions change while flying!

*8 m/s (18 mph) continuous wind speed measured on ground corresponds to approx 10 m/s (22 mph) surface wind

** With high altitude propellers up to 4800 m (15’700 ft) AMSL *** . Learn more about high altitude flying at knowledge.wingtra.com/high-altitude.

*** AMSL: Above mean sea level

Download offline maps

If you do not have an internet connection in the field, you can download a map beforehand. To do so:

  1. Open the "Settings" tab
  2. Select “Offline maps”
  3. Press “New offline map”
  4. Navigate to the desired location, either by dragging the street map or by using the search function
  5. Give the set a descriptive name
  6. Choose a map type
  7. Check the box "Include elevation data" if you require terrain following—this is always recommended
  8. Adjust zoom levels if needed—14-18 is the recommended setting
  9. Click "Download"

Charge your batteries

2021_QSG__charge batteries

  1. Power the battery charger
  2. Connect cables to the charger first and only then to the batteries
  3. Confirm that the Li Io charging program is preset to 7.5A and 14.4V
  4. Press "Start" (Enter) for 2 seconds and once again after the beep to start charging
  5. Charge your tablet with the USB port on the charger

Keep your batteries healthy


  1. Do not expose them to sun
  2. Before flying, keep them at a moderate temperature
  3. For longer storage, keep them at room temperature and charged at 60% capacity

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