Install WingtraHub

WingtraHub is the Windows software for PPK image geotagging and desktop flight planning. Make sure to update to the latest WingtraHub version whenever an update is available.

WingtraHub can be installed and activated on multiple computers, but it can only be used for PPK geotagging on one computer at the time. If you want to geotag images on different devices simultaneously, an additional license key can be purchased.

System requirements for WingtraHub

WingtraHub requires Windows OS 10.

Download WingtraHub




Click the button above to download WingtraHub. Download the .exe file you will find in the link.

Install WingtraHub

Double click the WingtraHub-installer_X.Y.Z.exe file. You may have to grant permission for an installation from an untrusted source to proceed with the installation.

Make sure the WingtraHub is installed locally. Remote installation could lead to reduced functionalities of WingtraHub.

Adjust WingtraHub settings

Open WingtraHub to finalize the setup. If opened for the first time WingtraHub welcomes you with a language selector screen. You have the option to choose from English, Japanese, and Spanish.