6. Geotag your data

To geotag your collected data

    2021_QSG__geotag your data 2

  1. Install WingtraHub on your computer; find instructions at knowledge.wingtra.com
  2. Take the SD card out of the camera inside the drone and copy the WingtraPilotProjects folder to your computer
  3. Open WingtraHub
  4. Open the WingtraPilotProjects folder
  5. Select the projects you want to process and press "Next"
  6. Tick the “Output geotagged images” box to generate a copy of the images with EXIF/XMP geotags and untick the option to only output the CSV file. Note that generating the geotagged images requires more processing time and more storage space
  7. Press "Start processing"

Learn more about geotagging of MicaSense Altum, RedEdge and RedEdge-P data.

If you’re flying a Wingtra LIDAR mapping sensor, find all the information you need here: https://knowledge.wingtra.com/en/lidar-general-setup 

Optional for PPK data geotagging:

Add "Base file(s)" from your computer—select all available RINEX files.

Then add "Base location" as follows:

  1. Select "Add new"
  2. Enter the coordinates of the base and give a descriptive name
  3. Select "Save"
  4. Select "Select"


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