Set up the MicaSense Altum camera

Learn how to setup your MicaSense Altum camera.

The WingtraOne Altum offers multispectral and thermal image acquisition. The camera acquires five individual images at the same time in spectral bands of red, green, blue, red edge, near-infrared (near IR), and a thermal image. For camera specifications, technical details, and camera-related support, please refer to the knowledge base of Micasense.

1. Reflectance panel

2. Daylight sensor (DLS 2) 

3. Altum sensor

4. SD card slot

5. Payload connector (USB-C)

6. USB storage (dongle not needed during flight, only for updating and downloading logs)

altum in drone full

altum in drone2

altum in drone_payloadConnector_dongle

Make sure to use the provided Sandisk Extreme SDXS 128 GB SD card. The SD card slot is located on the front side, next to the sensor. To get it out, push the SD card to release it. To format the SD card through the MicaSense user interface, you can follow the instructions of the article from the MicaSense website: How to format a storage device with the RedEdge/Altum. To do this, connect to the camera via Wifi (SSID = Altum // password = micasense) and open the browser app (Chrome) and access the page

For updating WingtraOne or downloading WingtraOne flight logs, use the provided microSD card with the dongle and insert it into the USB storage (6).

For more information about the data acquisition workflow with WingtraOne and Altum, please refer to the Data acquisition with WingtraOne and Altum article.