Update WingtraPilot & WingtraOne

Learn how to update the software of your WingtraOne and WingtraPilot. Both systems always need to run on the same software version!

You will profit from software updates Wingtra provides for both WingtraPilot and the WingtraOne firmware. When connected to the internet WingtraPilot will inform you when a new update is available. To enable the latest software improvements please follow the instructions below to update your WingtraPilot and WingtraOne.

Before updating the operating system of your tablet, please have a look at recommended Android OS version.

The updating process consists of three main steps

  • Download latest release
  • Updating WingtraPilot
  • Updating WingtraOne

Step 1: Download Latest Wingtra Release

  • Start WingtraPilot.
  • Open the Update menu under the WingtraPilot Settings tab
  • On the left side (A) you will see the release information of the latest Wingtra release and the information that this release hasn't been downloaded yet. The Wingtra release contains both a WingraPilot and a WingtraOne Firmware release. Using the drop down menu you can also take a look at the release information of earlier Wingtra releases.
  • On the right side (B), click on "Download latest Wingtra release vX.Y.Z" to start the download of the latest Wingtra release. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Wait until the top progress bar is full and you see "Download complete" in (B). If the download does not complete within 5 minutes, close WingtraPilot and try again.
  • You can now continue with the WingtraPilot update.

Step 2: Update WingtraPilot

  • In (A), click on "Update WingtraPilot to release Version vX.Y.Z"
  • Follow the installer. You may grant the permission to install an application from an unknown source.
  • After the installation is complete, WingtraPilot will close and you will be asked if you want to open it again. Click on "Open".
  • In case the installation of WingtraPilot fails, you can also download it by clicking on DOWNLOAD WingtraPilot 1.9.3 and install manually.

Step 3: Update WingtraOne Firmware

The following explanation is valid for WingtraOne IDs >1135. The corresponding guide for WingtraOne systems <=1135 you will find on page 71ff in Manual PDF.

  • Ensure that your WingtraOne is powered off.
  • Remove SD card of camera of WingtraOne and insert it into tablet.
  • Click on "Select root folder of SD card to copy files" and select SD card root folder.
  • After copying has finished, remove SD card from tablet and reinsert it into camera of WingtraOne
  • Power WingtraOne and connect telemetry to tablet
  • Once connected an update dialog box should appear asking for the update of WingtraOne to start as shown below.
  • Click on "Update now" to start update process. WingtraPilot will lose telemetry connection for about 1 minute during the update process. It is important not to unpower the WingtraOne during the update process.
  • WingtraPilot will let you know, once the update was successful. By clicking on OK, you finalize the update process.

If the update of WingtraOne fails, please repower WingtraOne and see if it succeeds. If it still fails, unpower WingtraOne, restart the WingtraPilot app and try the update process again. In case it fails again, submit a support request.

Step 4: Open the Manual

  • Go to My Files app and open the Manual_vX.Y.Z.pdf located in /device storage/WingtraPilot/Releases/vX.Y.Z/. Make sure you use Adobe Acrobat Reader App to open the manual.
  • To add a direct link to the manual from the homescreen go to the My Files app and mark the manual file (hold on the filename for 1s), click on MORE in the top right corner and select "Add shortcut on Home screen"

Step 5: Verification

  • Open WingtraPilot freshly (click on tablets menu button left of home button and close the app, restart the app).
  • On the Welcome menu: Check if version number is X.Y.Z
  • Power on WingtraOne, connect telemetry to the tablet, go to the Settings tab, then General and check if there is “WingtraOne Firmware Version: vX.Y.Z”. Submit a support request in case the version number is not correct or you are in doubt if it is correct.
  • Open the Manual from the home screen.


Message shows up that update failed

If WingtraPilot shows the following failure dialog, WingtraOne was not able to update. You need to retry updating WingtraOne by copying again the update files to the SD card via WingtraPilot and follow the procedure as described above.


Message shows up that previous version restored

If WingtraPilot shows the following dialog, WingtraOne was not able to update and restored to previous version. After confirming this dialog you need to restart update by copying again the update files to the SD card via WingtraPilot and follow the procedure as described above.


I get a warning about non-compatibility of WingtraPilot and Firmware versions