Learn about the return-to-home RTH feature of WingtraOne.

RTH is triggered automatically as a failsafe scenario, or it can be triggered manually. Engage RTH if you realize something is wrong and you want WingtraOne to come back and land autonomously. If RTH is engaged, WingtraOne flies back to the planned loiter circle on its current flight altitude. If the current altitude is lower than the "minimum RTH altitude," WingtraOne will first rise to the "minimum RTH altitude" before flying back. It then loiters down to the planned "transition altitude," flies back to the home point, transitions above the home point and lands. The detailed RTH procedure depending on the position and the flight regime of WingtraOne can be seen in the two figures below.

You can take over manually during RTH by switching to assisted mode.

RTH procedure in cruise


RTH procedure in hover