How to pair the tablet to WingtraOne

Describe how to pair a new tablet to your WingtraOne

WingtraPilot and WingtraOne need to be connected for flying, updating and logs downloading. After receiving a new drone and/or tablet, the two devices need to be paired. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Open WingtraPilot.

2. Click Get Started on the Welcome page.


3. Read and accept the terms and conditions


4. Connect the telemetry to the tablet and power on the WingtraOne.

5. Wait for a few seconds for the connection between WingtraOne and telemetry to establish, the pairing process with the WingtraPilot will start shortly after that.

6. When the pairing process is finished, click Next on the tablet.


7. Read the information for the use of elevation data and accept.


8. Register your WingtraOne, in case this is the first time you use it. You can read more about this in the Why do you have to register your drone article.


9. You are ready to start using WingtraPilot to plan a mission and fly with your WingtraOne.