Image post-processing software

Output images from WingtraOne are post-processing tool chain agnostic. That means geotagged images can be used with any post-processing and mapping software of your choice.




For optimal processing results, we recommend using the created .csv file to import the precise geolocation and accuracy information of every image into the post-processing software. If you combine images from multiple flights into one post-processing project, you can use the import .csv function in post-processing multiple times for all individual *.csv files (e.g. Pix4Dmapper) or create manually one large *.cvs combining the individual files into one.

WingtraOne with Pix4D products

Wingtra AG is an official reseller of Pix4D software products. Pix4Dmapper and other software solutions from Pix4D offer state-of-the art stitching and 3D reconstruction of aerial imagery on the desktop and in the cloud. Pix4D guarantees excellent quality maps produced by WingtraOne flight imagery and data.

We are happy to help you to find a matching license for your needs and to quote licenses for you. Please contact or open a support request to place your inquiry. For a free trial of Pix4Dmapper please click and create an account.

For more information on how to create a Pix4d project using WingtraOne images, please check out the Process-WingtraOne images with Pix4D article.