Handling of WingtraOne

Learn best practices for holding, carrying and powering on WingtraOne to ensure your mapping success.

Best practices for carrying the WingtraOne

You can carry the WingtraOne easily if you hold along the wing, specifically between the propellers and the battery compartment or at the motor mounts. Never hold and carry the WingtraOne from the flaps.

Attaching and detaching the middle stand

The middle stand is not symmetric. Make sure that the shape of the mid-section of the middle stand matches the shape of the airframe, because the middle stand can not be inserted properly in the wrong direction.

To attach the middle stand, hold the WingtraOne with one hand and turn it vertically. Then push the middle stand lightly but firmly toward the drone until it clicks (see following video).

Attach Middle Stand

To detach the middle stand, lift the WingtraOne by holding the two motor mounts. Turn WingtraOne vertically and place one hand between the upper motor mount and the battery compartment. With the other hand, pull the middle stand, as shown in the video below.

Detach Middle Stand

Powering on WingtraOne

  • Open the battery compartment and insert the batteries (see below image)
  • Plug in the small black micro-USB signal port
  • Power on WingtraOne by connecting the yellow ports, noting that the cables need a firm push