Propeller processing guide

The following step-by-step instruction demonstrates how WingtraOne PPK data can be processed with the propeller platform in your custom grid coordinates using AeroPoints.

This article is structured in the following three sections:

Site Setup

  1. In the "Home" tab, click on "Create New Site"
  2. Give it a Name and select the industry
    image (0)-2
  3. Locate your site
    image (1)-3
  4. Select a published coordinate system or a local grid system. To provide the local grid parameters, you can drag and drop the site setup file into propeller. Often that file is a Trimble .JXL (JobXML) or a Topcon GC3 file. Learn how to set up a local grid with your Trimble equipment.
    image (2)-2
  5. Checkout the calibration details.image (3)-2
  6. To verify the transformation between global coordinates and the local grid system, you can enter a test point. This step is optional.
    image (4)-1
  7. Add people you want to give access to your new site.
    image (5)-2
  8. Your site has been created and you can start uploading data.
    image (6)-1

Processing AeroPoints

  1. Select the AeroPoints which you want to process.
    image (0)-1
  2. Select an AeroPoint and specify its coordinates, it will be used as base station to process the other AeroPoints. image (1)-2
  3. Check the location of the AeroPoints image (2)-1
  4. Check out the quality of the processed AeroPointsimage (3)-1
  5. More details about Processing AeroPoints can be found on the propeller knowledge base.

Upload and submit WingtraOne PPK data

  1. Click on Data Processing > Create a new dataset
  2. Select the previously created site and specify what type of data your are submittingimage (0)
  3. Drag in the DATA and IMAGES folder directly from the camera SD card.
    1. DATA folder
      1. FlightName WingtraOne.sbf
      2. Flight Name.json
    2. IMAGES folder
      1. FlightName 0000XXX.JPG

    image (1)-1
  4. Check that the files pass all automated checks
    image (2)
  5. Enter the details of the dataset.image (3)
  6. Select the previously uploaded AeroPoints as GCPs and specify the coordinate system.
    image (4)
  7. Select an AeroPoint that will be used as base station to process the other AeroPoints and the image geotags.image (5)-1
  8. Specify if the AeroPoints should be used as Ground control point, Check point or if they should be excluded. Recommendations on how many GCP/CP should be included can be found here.
    image (6)
  9. Add a comment about your GCPs.
    image (7)
  10. Configure the deliverables you wish to be created.image (8)
  11. Verify that all the information in the settings is correct.
    image (9)-1