1. 4. Process Your Data
  2. Photogrammetry processing

Have a question regarding Propeller Aero Software?

Which products from Propeller Aero exist?

  • Propeller Aero is delivering a cloud solution primarily for earthworks projects in mining and construction. They also build smart ground control points that facilitate the workflow in the field and in the office. We recommend the following products
    • Propeller Platform is a cloud end-to-end solution that allows processing of the WingtraOne images (photogrammetry), features analysis of e.g. volumes and haul road slopes, and features easy data sharing across users and devices. It features direct PPK geotagging of WingtraOne images and offers excellent support for local coordinates
    • Aeropoints are smart ground control points that measure themself in with survey-grade accuracy and can furthermore be used as base station for the WingtraOne PPK
    • Crew is a mobile maps that brings the data directly to a workers phone or tablet in the field

How can I purchase a Propeller Aero license or hardware?

  • Get in touch with your local Wingtra reseller. Wingtra and Propeller Aero both sell globally and we will be able to connect you with the right point of contact.

How do I process WingtraOne images with Propeller Aero?

I still have questions, where can I get help?

  • If you have questions with data processing or other support requests, please contact us under support@wingtra.com
  • If you want to purchase a license and want to get additional information, contact us under sales@wingtra.com