6. During the flight

Stay alert

Environmental conditions might change during the flight and influence the behavior of the drone. Trigger RTH or land manually if the following things happen:

  • Starts snowing
  • Starts raining
  • Birds appear
  • Aircrafts enter surroundings


Trigger RTH if the drone behaves abnormally and is far from you.

Land manually if the drone behaves abnormally and is close to you.

Find the right button


  1. Emergency stop—stop the drone motors immediately by either pressing the button on the RC three times or by sliding the button on the tablet
  2. RTH—command the WingtraOne to return to home (RTH) and land; trigger either on the tablet or the RC
  3. Transition—use in assisted mode to transition from cruise to hover or from hover to cruise
  4. Assisted mode—take over control and manually steer the WingtraOne

Careful! Emergency stop shuts the motors off instantly, and the drone will fall on the ground.


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