Download maps for offline use

If you don't have an internet connection in the field, you'll need to download a background map prior to leaving for the field.

Offline maps are only available in WingtraPilot. For desktop flight planning you need to have an internet connection to get the background map.

On the Settings tab, select “Offline Maps” and “New offline map”.


Click on the question mark icon, next to the "Options" button, to get the help slides explaining how to download the offline maps.



Navigate to the desired location, either manually or by using the search function on the bottom left. Select a bigger region than what you are actually planning to fly. Choose the right map type, zoom options (defaults of 14-18 should normally be fine but if you have space on your tablet we recommend zoom level 19, so that you can get more details on the field), give the set a descriptive name. If you want to download elevation data for the selected area, you can check the box "Include elevation data" located below the selected map type. By clicking on download, you start the downloading of the map tiles and, if selected, the elevation data.


Be patient if the tiles are not loading immediately. If it does not progress for several minutes, restart WingtraPilot, navigate to the "Settings" tab, select "Offline Maps" again, and click onto your new set. On the right side, click on "resume download" and be patient again. Once the download has completed, the dot on the right side in the box will change from red to green. If elevation data has also been downloaded, it will appear in a separate box.