Charging accessories

Operating WingtraOne safely requires fully charged accessories. In particular, the tablet running WingtraPilot needs to be sufficiently charged to allow for monitoring WingtraOne during flight and to trigger the appropriate failsafe actions if necessary.

Charging the WingtraPilot tablet

The tablet can be charged through any standard USB port via the supplied cable and through the shipped flight battery charger. The flight battery charger V1 has a USB-A port on its right side, while the flight battery charger V2 has a USB-C post on the front side. 

Plug the USB cable into the tablet and connect it to the charger. Make sure that the charger is connected to a power supply. Make sure that the charger can supply at least 2A to achieve satisfactory charging speeds.

Fully charged, the tablet running the WingtraPilot app lasts up to six hours of continuous WingtraOne operation.

Charging the external RX1 camera battery

To charge the external RX1 camera battery, you can use the USB-A to micro USB cable and the charging device located in the pilot box.

Charging the remote control (RC)

The remote control is charged with the included 12V power adapter. Plug in the power adapter and connect it to the RC. Make sure the RC is turned off. A small green LED on the backside should be on. If the LED turns off and the power adapter is still connected to the RC, the battery is fully charged.


Fully charged, the RC lasts up to 8 hours continuous WingtraOne operation.

The charging cable of the latest RC model is a mini USB and connects in the back instead of the side. The tablet USB adapter or the drone battery charger USB port can both be used for charging.


Please make sure to turn off the remote control after flying your WingtraOne. This will prevent the battery inside the remote control from getting deeply discharged and thus prevent permanent damage to the battery.

Anemometer battery replacement

The batteries of the anemometer last for at least half a year if operated at a normal rate. Please make sure to check the battery charge indicator on the display of the anemometer regularly. If the battery runs low, please replace the batteries with three new standard AAA batteries. To do that, you need to open the lid on the back side using a default cross tip screwdriver.