1. 4. Process Your Data
  2. Photogrammetry processing

Have a question regarding Bentley Systems Software?

Which products from Bentley exist?

  • Bentley Systems offer a wide selection of photogrammetry, CAD, and GIS applications. For drone data processing, we recommend and sell the following products:
    • ContextCapture allows processing of large-scale maps up to 300 gigapixels (12’500 images with the oblique payload) and produces sharp 3D meshes, orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds. It is our recommended photogrammetry solution to process images collected with the Oblique Sony a6100 payload.
    • ContextCapture Editor is a 3D CAD module for editing and analyzing reality data. 
    • ProjectWise ContextShare is a cloud service for storing, managing, and sharing reality data. It allows you to share visuals of the 3D reality mesh with your teams.
    • Orbit3DM offers advanced feature extraction capabilities to interact with your 3D models (only included in "Advanced", see below)
    • Pointools features further point cloud editing, viewing and animation capabilities (only included in "Advanced", see below)
    • Virtuosity Keys give you access to excellent training videos and courses to get started with ContextCapture and other Bentley products

How can I purchase a Bentley license?

  • You can find prices or get a quote by navigating to our configurator and selecting the license of choice under "Post-processing software". Through your local distributor, you can purchase the following licenses conveniently:
    • Bentley Virtuosity Reality Modeling Worksuite annual license (ContextCapture + ContextCapture Editor + ProjectWise ContextShare + 3 Virtuosity Keys)
    • Bentley Virtuosity Reality Modeling Worksuite Advanced annual license (ContextCapture + ContextCapture Editor + ProjectWise ContextShare + Orbit3DM + Pointools + 5 Virtuosity Keys)
    • Free 30-day trial license
  • "Virtuosity" is the eCommerce channel through which you will get the licenses that you purchase through Wingtra. It provides you with online training material that you can access with your Virtuosity keys. 
  • "Reality Modeling Worksuite" is the package that includes the software licenses and Virtuosity keys. Follow this link to get the full description of what is included.

How do I process WingtraOne images with Bentley ContextCapture?

I still have questions, where can I get help?

  • If you have questions with data processing or other support requests, please contact us under support@wingtra.com
  • If you want to purchase a license and want to get additional information, contact us under sales@wingtra.com