Have a question regarding Bentley Systems Software?

Which products from Bentley exist?

  • Bentley Systems offer a wide selection of photogrammetry, CAD, and GIS applications. For drone data processing, we recommend and sell the following products:
    • ContextCapture allows processing of large-scale maps and produces sharp 3D meshes, orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds. It is our recommended photogrammetry solution to process images collected with the Oblique Sony a6100 payload.
    • ContextCapture Editor is a 3D CAD module for editing and analyzing reality data. 
    • ProjectWise ContextShare is a cloud service for storing, managing, and sharing reality data. It allows you to share visuals of the 3D reality mesh with your teams.
    • Virtuosity Keys give you access to excellent training videos and courses to get started with ContextCapture and other Bentley products

How can I purchase a Bentley license?

  • You can find prices or get a quote by navigating to our configurator and selecting the license of choice under "Post-processing software". Through your local distributor, you can purchase the following licenses conveniently:
    • Bentley Virtuosity Reality Modeling Worksuite annual license (ContextCapture + ContextCapture Editor + ProjectWise ContextShare + 3 Virtuosity Keys)
    • Free 30-day trial license
  • "Virtuosity" is the eCommerce channel through which you will get the licenses that you purchase through Wingtra. It provides you with online training material that you can access with your Virtuosity keys. 
  • "Reality Modeling Worksuite" is the package that includes the software licenses and Virtuosity keys. Follow this link to get the full description of what is included.

How do I process WingtraOne images with Bentley ContextCapture?

I still have questions, where can I get help?

  • If you have questions with data processing or other support requests, please contact us at support@wingtra.com
  • If you want to purchase a license and want to get additional information, contact us at sales@wingtra.com