Custom side overlap

This article explains how to set custom side overlap and what it is used for

WingtraPilot allows you to set the side overlap outside the 55% - 95% range available by default.

To enable this option, go to the Settings tab and select General on the left-hand side.


In the Advanced option section, toggle Enable custom side overlap settings.


This procedure will allow you to use custom overlap settings for the next new flight plan.


While creating a new flight plan, you are now able to toggle Custom side overlap values and enter minimum and maximum overlap values.

Flight plan setup

Negative overlap means that the images in neighboring flight lines will not overlap. For instance -100% overlap means that there will be a gap between neighboring flight lines, which is as wide as one image. This is used if you do not need to create an orthomosaic, i.e., you only want to capture individual terrain images.