WingtraOne Spare Parts and Add-ons

This article provides an overview of WingtraOne spare parts and add-ons.

WingtraOne spare parts

Spare parts are items that can easily be replaced once an item gets damaged or reaches end-of-life.

While many components—such as motors, servos, and electronics—are automatically checked by WingtraOne predictive maintenance algorithms, we recommend visually inspecting the WingtraOne system before every flight. In case of damaged components, we recommend immediately replacing the damaged parts. Through this strategy, the WingtraOne lifetime can be maximized and incidents prevented. The following items are recommended to purchase as spare parts:

Product name

Ordering ID



Spare drone


WingtraOne wing, including electronics, telemetry antenna, middle stand and propellers 

Set of flight batteries


Enabling a flight duration of up to 1 hour

Battery charger


To charge one pair of flight batteries in the office within about 1 hour
4 smart battery cables
Cables that transfer the battery health status to the autopilot—integral to each flight battery and must be plugged into the drone during flight CAB-BAT-1


Side stands (pair)


Supporting legs to ensure stability during take-off and landing

Middle stand


Back rudder for stability during flight, and surface for landing as well as standing upright 

Propeller (pair)


Standard set for flights at up to 2500m AMSL

Propeller nuts (2x2)


Two nuts and two washers required to hold the two propellers in place

Drivetrain replacement kit


Left and right motor assembly, including all tools that are required for a replacement

Nose cover


Covers the flight battery compartment

WingtraOne top cover


Camera compartment cover for RGB payloads

128GB high-speed SD card


Camera SD card with proven durability and reliability, based on tested read and write speed for flawless data acquisition

Tablet SD card adapter (USB C)


To inspect flight data with the tablet directly in the field


WingtraOne add-ons

The following items are not part of the default WingtraOne package, yet they can be purchased to expand upon your WingtraOne usage:

Hard case


Durable travel case with wheels that is required for airplane travel or stacking amidst other material

High-altitude propeller (2)


For flights above 2500m AMSL, these are required, plus they increase flight duration and safety for flights above 1500m AMSL

Field charging equipment


Charging set for in the field, allowing continuous flight operation:

Field flight battery charger incl. car battery clamps and extension cable for safe charging from a car battery

Tablet charging kit that provides another port and allows charging of tablet when telemetry antenna is plugged in during flight

Tablet charging kit


Tablet charging kit for continuous flying without running out of tablet battery (via simultaneous charging and active telemetry connection in the field)



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Position lights


Green and red lights for better craft visibility in low-light conditions