OPRN (Operator Registration Number)

This article explains the OPRN, how to get it, and how to enter it in WingtraPilot.

What is OPRN? 

OPRN stands for Operator Registration Number. Operators receive a unique registration number from their national aviation authority upon registration as UAS operators, and is required for flying in the open category in an EASA member state.

This is only applicable to EASA member states. If you are not operating within an EASA member state, then you can ignore any warnings and fly without OPRN.

Flying within an EASA member state without an OPRN is prohibited. Adding the correct OPRN is the responsibility of the pilot. 

The UAS OPRN consists of the OPRN and 3 secure characters:

  • OPRN: 16 alphanumeric characters
  • Secure characters: Three additional alphanumeric characters for validation of the OPRN. The secure characters are not stored or broadcasted. 
  • Example: OPRN - secure characters: “FIN87astrdge12k8-xyz”

How to get it

You will receive both the OPRN and the secure characters from your national aviation authority upon registration as a UAS operator. 

Example Switzerland

In Switzerland, you will find it on your dashboard of the UAS.gate platform, where you also conduct the registration and training for UAS operations in Switzerland. 

Swiss OPRN

How to enter it in WingtraPilot

You can enter an Operator Registration Number (OPRN) in “Settings > System



Click on Edit to enter the OPRN.

OPRN enter number-1

WingtraPilot will validate the consistency of the OPRN. The result of the validity check will be displayed to the operator.

  • Invalid result:

OPRN invalid-1

  • Valid result:

OPRN valid