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Blue sUAS Software Updates

This article explains the steps to update the software on drones that are flying under Blue sUAS

New software updates are verified and approved by the Defence Inovation Unit (DIU) before blue users may install them on their WingtraOne Gen II. The list of approved software versions is published on the DIU website, as well as in this article.

The latest compliant software release is v2.5.0-b.4 and it can be downloaded from here: WingtraPilot APK, WingtraOne TAR.

When you receive your WingtraOne Gen II make sure you update to this latest approved software version in all cases.

To install the update you can follow these steps.

  1. Download the software release files, .tar and .apk from the link above.
  2. Take the WingtraOne SD card from your WingtraOne Gen II and copy both files on there.
  3. Connect the SD card to the tablet using the SD card to USB-C adapter.
  4. Copy over the .apk file and install it by opening the file.
    1. If your update fails on the tablet: Please manually uninstall WingtraPilot first
  1. Put the SD card with the .tar file back into the WingtraOne and power it up.
  2. Open WingtraPilot on the tablet and connect to the drone by plugging in the telemetry module.
  3. Once the WingtraOne Gen II finds the new update it will ask for confirmation to install on WingtraPilot. Click ok.
  4. After confirmation and installing the process is completed and your WingtraOne Gen II is up to date again. Again confirm by clicking ok on WingtraPilot to conclude the process.

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