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BLU and PPK License Activation on Blue sUAS Drones

This article explains the steps to activate BLU and PPK licenses on drones that are flying under Blue sUAS

BLU License and Telemetry Encryption

A BLU License has to be purchased in order to make the WingtraOne Gen II Blue sUAS compliant. This license allows the enabling of telemetry encryption. Follow the instructions below to install the license and turn on the telemetry encryption on your WingtraOne Gen II.

It is the user's responsibility to make sure the encryption is turned on at all times to operate in compliance with the Blue sUAS requirements.

BLU & PPK Licenses

Follow these steps to activate the PPK and BLU on the WingtraOne Gen II without direct access to the Internet.

  • Activate your BLU and PPK Licenses here if you haven't done so.
  • Your support representative will reach out to you and send you two license activation files to the email address provided in the previous step.
  • Remove the WingtraOne SD card from the drone and copy the two license files onto it (wingtra_recovery.sh and license.tar.gz)
  • Make sure the telemetry module is not connected to the tablet for the next step.
  • Put the SD card back into the WingtraOne and power it up. Wait at least 3 minutes before the next step.
  • Open WingtraPilot on the tablet and make sure it is not connected to the Internet. Then connect to the WingtraOne using the telemetry module.
  • Navigate to the Settings > System overview page and verify that the correct PPK license is displayed (RX1RII in the example below).

    Screenshot_20220429-152426 cropped

Note that the "Refresh" license button does not have any effect because it relies on a direct Internet connection to the WingtraOne.

  • Restart the WingtraOne Gen II by unplugging and plugging the battery.
  • Wait for the connection to be established and confirm the activation of the telemetry encryption by the lock on the telemetry indicator in the top right corner of WingtraPilot, as displayed below.
    This confirms that the BLU license has been activated correctly.

Troubleshooting: If in the last step the connection is not established automatically, try to unplug and plug the telemetry module again to the ground control tablet.

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