WingtraPilot & WingtraOne Releases

How to update?

Please check out instructions how to update your WingtraPilot and WingtraOne software here

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.9.4 - May 2019

  • Drone registration: All WingtraOne users are asked to register their drone under
  • Physical Ready-to-Fly button is replaced with a button in WingtraPilot: Use the button in the preflight checklist instead of the physical button on WingtraOne from 1.9.4 onwards
  • Flight and landing reliability updates: better control of landing speed, better handling of distance sensor failures, new tipping/crash detector that would shut off motors in case of a tipping or crash
  • New pre-flight magnetic inclination check to prevent takeoff without sane compass measurements
  • Bugfix for a case where RTH was not triggered on RC and telemetry communication loss
  • Improved communication protocol for RX1R2
  • Improved communication protocol for PPK module

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.9.3 - March 2019

  • Multiple flight safety improvements
  • Improved flight behaviour in locations with bad magnetic field conditions
  • Enhancement of safety preflight checks

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.9.2 - December 2018

  • Necessary update to continue using terrain data!
  • Fixes a bug that occasionally prevented from completing the pre-flight checklist.

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.9.1 - November 2018

  • Improvements in pre-flight motor check.
  • Enable flying in locations with very weak Earth's magnetic field.
  • Increased reliability of emergency landing mode.

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.9 - October 2018

  • New safety features before takeoff:
    • Smart motor check: Both motors are spinning separately just before takeoff. Takeoff would be aborted in case of failure.
    • In case of magnetic interference or imbalanced battery cells, WingtraOne warns the the user and refuses to take off.
  • Safety critical reliability improvements
  • WingtraPilot available now in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish
  • WingtraPilot support for high-end tablet Samsung Tab Active2
  • Automated check for completeness of flight data after landing
  • New UI design of WingtraPilot
  • Location search functionality for online and offline maps
  • Situation-aware low-battery RTH (Return-to-Home): Depending on planned transition altitude, the distance to home and the wind conditions, WingtraOne will come home earlier or later
  • Low-battery RTH is not triggered automatically when in Assisted Mode
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Manual 1.9

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.8 - June 2018

  • Terrain following: Use of elevation data ensures flight safety and consistent map resolution
  • KML import with option to add polygons automatically to your Flight Plan
  • Increased landing reliability
  • Flight performance improvements
  • Performance improvements for WingtraPilot
  • Support of Google Ditu terrain map
  • Basic WingtraPilot support of Japanese
  • General improvements in camera identification and communication
  • Support for RedEdge-M payload (for WingtraOne ID > 1135)
  • Deep integration of QX1 incl. 20mm and 15mm lenses (for WingtraOne ID > 1135)
  • Manual 1.8

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.7 - April 2018

  • Faster geotagging on Android 7
  • Improved failsafe logic for high winds and low battery
  • PPK support - WingtraOne systems with ID > 1135 are PPK capable and need to be operated on version 1.7.0 or newer
  • Manual 1.7

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.6 - November 2017

  • Introduced a “ground elevation offset” to map areas that do not lie on home altitude.
  • Altitude above sea level (a.s.l.) is given when WingtraOne is connected.
  • “Loiter Waypoints” are introduced that define how WingtraOne flies between different areas. Additional Loiter Waypoints can also be added manually.
  • Improved visualization of Flight Plan.
  • New “battery swap & resume” feature that allows you to plan large Flight Plans that can be executed in several flights.
  • Enabled flight logs download by connecting the tablet to WingtraOne with the USB cable.
  • Geotags (position and orientation) can be exported to a csv-file. The format of the csv file can manually be specified.
  • Possibility of setting negative side-overlaps for applications that require a large sample area but no stitching.
  • Airspeed calibration required newly before every flight. Blowing into the airspeed sensor is not required anymore.
  • Ability to set connection loss timeout parameter. This allows the user to fly without RC and telemetry connection for a specific number of seconds.
  • Multiple reliability and stability improvements.
  • Extensive improvements in sensor failure handling and state estimation robustness.
  • Various safety enhancements, improved flight behaviour in windy conditions.
  • Increased level of detail in flight log information and better error reporting.
  • Manual 1.6

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.5 - July 2017

  • Zendesk is introduced to support you even better.
  • Improved backward transition preventing overshoots if winds < 5 m/s.
  • Support for additional sensors (RX1RII and RegEdge).
  • Removal of "WingtraOne market-entry restrictions", i.e. we get rid off on-top of law restrictions on flying above residential houses and streets.
  • Improved landing by better ground detection and consistent timing of switching off motors.
  • Improved landing accuracy by up to 2m in horizontal position.
  • Increased maximum distance to home and flight altitude.
  • New safety tab in flight planning for direct editing of geofence and minimum Return-to-Home altitude.
  • New compatibility check for WingtraPilot and WingtraOne firmware versions.
  • New in-app update page for downloading and updating new Wingtra releases (includes WingtraPilot, WingtraOne firmware and Manual releases).
  • Selection of camera model when creating a new Flight Plan to configure WingtraOne according to the correct sensor.
  • Geotagging robustified against any preflight images. Re-tagging of previously tagged images is now possible and copying the original images on geotagging can be disabled to save space on SD card.
  • WingtraPilot is now partially translated to Chinese and contains new Chinese map providers.
  • Numerous safety and design improvements, including sensor failure handling, reliable ground station communication, WingtraPilot bug fixes, flight control and reduced computational load.
  • Manual 1.5

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.4 - May 2017

  • Unified Home, Takeoff, Landing
  • Welcome menu in WingtraPilot for user guidance
  • Different Sensors Support (several RGB, multispectral)
  • Landing accuracy improved
  • Wind alignment after backtransition: In case of wind the WingtraOne will rotate right after back transition to optimally face the wind.
  • Improved flight behavior in hover and cruise
  • Simplified and robustified geotagging
  • Fixed orientation of geotagged images
  • Upgrade process
  • Geofence made adjustable
  • Improvements in Preflight Checklist
  • Manual 1.4

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.3 - March 2017

  • Improvements in flight behavior (e.g. descending in winds)
  • Improvements in WingtraPilot stability
  • New Return-to-Home logic
  • Removed in-flight replanning of landing based on wind
  • Changed RC stick assignment for cruise flight (Assisted Mode)
  • Changed Emergency swich logic (new: click 3 times within 2 seconds)
  • Terminology changes (Flight Plan, Assisted Mode, Ready-to-Fly)
  • Preflight checklist improvements
  • Manual 1.3

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.2 - February 2017

  • Improvements in flight behavior
  • Improvements in WingtraPilot stability
  • Introduced WingtraPilot on tablet
  • Introduced new Return-to-Home logic with user defined RTH altitude
  • Introduced in-flight replanning of landing based on wind
  • Manual 1.2

WingtraPilot & WingtraOne 1.1 - January 2017