WingtraPilot app—troubleshooting

Q: Why doesn't the WingtraPilot app advance beyond the pairing page?

WingtraPilot will only start up once you have connected to your WingtraOne at least once. To pair your WingtraPilot app with your WingtraOne please connect the telemetry antenna to the tablet and power on WingtraOne using the drone batteries. After a couple of seconds you should be able to proceed clicking finish. If the red icon remains and "Finish" is still disabled, this means that the drone was not successfully connected. Reconnect the telemetry module and re-power your WingtraOne. Wait for a moment until the connection is established.

Known issue Q: Why do Bing map and Amap display missing tiles when you zoom all the way in for some regions in China?

When you use WingtraPilot in China with Bing or Amap as the map provider, you might see missing tiles in some areas when you zoom in to the deepest level. This is caused by the map provider's lack of information in those areas. Try to use another map provider when you encounter this issue.

Q: Why aren't my map tiles loading?

If your maps do not load, try changing to another map provider (in the "Settings" --> "General" menu) and switching back to the flight plan menu.

Q: Why does WingtraPilot crash even when I didn't do anything unusual?

We are constantly improving WingtraPilot stability. Please report your crashes by submitting a support request.

Q: I get a warning about a failed calibration—what can I do?

Sensor calibration of all sensors except air speed (pitot tube) can only be done by Wingtra customer support. Contact Wingtra Support if you get a warning about a failed calibration of any other sensor. If airspeed calibration fails, redo calibration.