WingtraOne PPK processing—why do I get low or 0 percent PPK fix?

If you get a failure prompt when PPK processing in WingtraHub or are not getting a 100 percent PPK fix, check the following points:

  • Ensure that the date and the time of your base file match with the time of your flight. You will find the UTC date and time of take-off for each flight in the WingtraHub Projects overview. Check if your RINEX files cover the entire flight time from take-off to landing.
  • Check if you inserted and selected the correct base location with the right coordinate system and that values have the correct signs.
  • Base station setup - in order to set up base station parameters correctly, please check our Knowledge base article
  • Place the drone on the ground on its belly, point the PPK antenna (i.e. the top cover) towards the open sky e.g. not directly facing a building and let it sit idle in the horizontal position for a few minutes on the ground before taking off.

    Increase the flight time by setting the transition altitude (from hower to cruise) as low as the environment allows. This way, the drone will cruise in the loiter circle for longer time before entering the survey mode and give more time to initialize the PPK. Be careful about any obstacles (buildings, trees) when setting up the transition altitude.