WingtraHub releases

How to update?

Please check out instructions about how to update your WingtraHub software here. Instructions for initial installation, including a PPK tutorial, can be found here.

WingtraHub 0.5—November 2019

With this WingtraHub release, you will have a clearer idea about how to work with your PPK system and WingtraHub.

  • New help content and better feedback aims at preventing mistakes during processing and will answer common questions like:
    • How can I correctly set my base location?
    • Is my antenna type detected?
    • What antenna offset should I specify?
  • WingtraHub 0.5.0 offers specific support for the new WingtraOne QX1-PPK payload option.

WingtraHub 0.4—January 2019

  • Batch processing options to apply the same processing settings to multiple projects
  • Option to select multiple time-consecutive base files of one base station as input for PPK processing
  • Improved base location editing capabilities and possibility to select the input coordinate reference system (ITRF-based)

To learn more about the new features, check out the following knowledge base articles: PPK Geotagging, Non-PPK Geotagging. If you have not installed WingtraHub yet, read here how to install it.

WingtraHub 0.3—October 2018

  • WingtraHub available now in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish
  • New UI design of WingtraHub
  • Detected PPK base station antenna type is added to the processing report
  • PPK processing improvements
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

WingtraHub 0.2—June 2018

  • Better reporting for PPK processing failure cases
  • Project sorting by flight time
  • General reliability improvements

WingtraHub 0.1—April 2018

  • Enables geotagging on Windows for WingtraOne systems with ID higher than 1135
  • Introduces PPK post processing for data gathered with a PPK enabled WingtraOne