Warranty disclaimer

Any changes to the physical drone or the electronics will lead to a loss of warranty. That also applies to changes to any accessories such as RC or tablet. Be aware that improper operation can cause serious injury and property damage.

Make sure to always operate your WingtraOne on the newest software release. Operating WingtraOne on an outdated firmware version can lead to a loss of warranty if an incident occurs because of old software.

WingtraOne has specified physical limitations to factor in the environment.  Operating beyond the limits of our product specifications will lead to loss of warranty.  To review the specifications please visit this link:

Be aware that improper operation can cause serious injury and property damage.  Examples of loss of warranty due to improper use or negligence:

  • SRTM terrain follow planning ambiguity mistakes (30m +/- accuracy and uncertainty)
  • Not updating the firmware to the latest version within 2 months 
  • Using a wind barrier that pushes drone into an object in close proximity due to uneven turbulence around the barrier
  • Mishandling of the UAV which results in damage (drops, impact, shipping)
  • Exposing equipment to rain, snow, or moisture
  • Flight planning mistake that results in collision 
  • Flying near areas of high radiation that cause disruption to the system
  • Manually flying the aircraft into an object
  • Pressing the emergency stop button when nothing is wrong
  • Maintenance and assembly errors such as placing the middle stand on wrong, not plugging in batteries all the way, loose propellers, backward propellers, charging batteries incorrectly, or not attaching the payload securely.

For further information please, check the End-User-License-Agreement (EULA) and warranty terms.