Maintenance of WingtraOne

Basic maintenance tasks for WingtraOne upkeep

The WingtraOne does not need extensive maintenance in normal operation. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to perform the following checks and tasks:

Every 50 flights:

  • Check the camera settings by reviewing the image properties of taken images. We recommend using our default settings as mentioned in the respective camera knowledge base article WingtraOne 20MP QX1 and WingtraOne 40MP RX1R2
  • Visually check the WingtraOne hull, middle stand, side stands, and propellers for cracks or damages
  • Visually check that the motor mounts are straight and not bent
  • Manually turn the motors to check if the motors are blocked
  • Visually check that the airspeed sensor is well attached and not blocked by particles
  • Check that the flaps move without any resistance once WingtraOne is shut off
  • Visually check the flight batteries for damages; in case of damage take a picture and contact Wingtra Support
  • If your WingtraOne ID is lower than 1402, check the time of your remote control (RC) by following the instructions for adjusting RC time settings under the Service: remote control (RC) article on our knowledge base

Every 300 flights:

Please use the WingtraOne maintenance assessment form as a guideline to perform a comprehensive maintenance check, and submit it to Wingtra Support.

Repairing WingtraOne

We provide official WingtraOne support docs that describe how to replace parts that can be damaged in transit or after a tipping during landing on uneven ground. The support docs are part of the Maintenance and repair section of the Wingtra Knowledge Base.

In case of damage, questions or any doubt on the state of your WingtraOne, please submit a support request.

Screw on PPK antenna

It would be a good practice that from time to time you check that the PPK antenna is tightly screwed with three screws, and also to check if there is any obvious damage on the bottom of the plastic part of the PPK module. Check how much the PPK antenna can move. If it slightly moves around, it's good. It's not good if it moves around too much. If you are unsure if your PPK antenna is screwed tightly, please take a picture or record a short video of it and send it to