Is it possible to geotag images only after multiple flights?

For WingtraOne ID > 1135 you can geotag after one or several flights - both options are perfectly fine.

For WingtraOne ID < 1135, the best procedure to operate WingtraOne and receive correctly geotagged flight images is to geotag images after each flight. Geotagging images from multiple flights saved all in the same folder is not possible.

For WingtraOne ID < 1135, if required, you can skip the geotagging step directly after the flight doing the following:

  1. Using another SD card for each flight. Label the SD card appropriately to identify the images corresponding to the conducted flight plan. Please make sure to have enough free storage capacity available. For WingtraOne 40MP camera you need a 128GB SD card for WingtraOne 20MP camera you need a 64GB SD-card.
  2. By renaming the image folder after each flight. Insert the SD card into the tablet. Open the "My Files" app and browse to the SD card storage. Locate the folder containing the images of the last flight in /DCIM. It should have a name like 1XXMSDCF. Click and hold on the folder name and then on "MORE" in the top right corner. Click on "rename" and give the folder a new descriptive name which allows you to identify the images corresponding to the conducted flight plan. Make sure to have enough storage space on the SD card left. For WingtraOne 40MP with default settings you need at least 40GB space for each flight and for WingtraOne 20MP you need 20GB of space.