How to pack the wing - hard case

In this article, you can find all the information in order to correctly pack the wing for a return shipment in a hard case.

In some cases, you will be asked to ship back the malfunctioning wing and payload to Zurich, either to investigate a malfunction or to perform repairs.

In order to correctly pack the wing into the hard case and avoid damaging the drone during transportation, please  follow the provided steps:

    1. Take the hard case
    2. Make sure WingtraOne is not powered
    3. Remove the batteries from  the drone
    4. If it is necessary, include the payloads (camera mount, camera, PPK module) as discussed with Wingtra Support
    5. Tape (with yellow tape) the top cover to the fuselage to protect it from falling off
    6. Place the drone into the hard case, as it is shown in the pictures below and depending on the model of your hard case
    7. In case the pilot box does not need to be sent back, wrap the telemetry antenna with the bubble wrap and use tape to stick it to an inlay
    8. Close and lock the hard case. Put it into the original cardboard box in which it was delivered, and tape it, so it cannot be opened itselfImage14
    9. Wait for the shipping documents (waybill and proforma invoice). Once you receive the documents, attach them outside the package - 1x waybill and 3x proforma invoice.