Q: I forgot to geotag the images after flight and performed a second flight.

For WingtraOne ID > 1135 you can geotag after one or several flights. Both options are perfectly fine. For WingtraOne ID < 1135, geotagging fails if images of several flights are on the SD Card in the same folder. In case you forgot to geotag the images from a first flight after that flight, and you collected additional images in a second flight, you can use the following workaround:

  1. Save images from different flights into different folders on the SD card (order the images by name and split them by flight)
  2. Run the geotagging of the individual flights on the respective folders

Q: On geotagging, I get "ERROR: Not enough free space with current settings, aborting tagging."

Make space on the SD card, or uncheck the option to copy original images.

Q: I powered off the WingtraOne before the geotag download succeeded. What can I do?

This problem only exists for WingtraOne ID < 1135. If you powered off the WingtraOne before the geotag download succeeded, you can repower the WingtraOne. You will be asked if you want to download the geotags now. If you are not asked by WingtraPilot, go to the geotagging menu and click on "retry downloading geotags for your latest flight." Geotags of older flights, which were not downloaded, are lost permanently.

Q: I need to capture calibration images after flight—will geotagging still work?

For WingtraOne ID > 1135 this is perfectly fine. If you capture images manually with your camera, they will be saved in the DCIM folder and not mixed with any images of the flight. For WingtraOne ID < 1135, geotagging will fail if you captured images after the flight before geotagging. You can use the following workaround to geotag your images:

  1. Insert SD card into the tablet, open MyFiles app and move all post-flight images out of the image folder to another folder on the SD card
  2. Run the geotagging as normal on the folder without the post-flight images