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Troubleshooting WingtraPilot Crashes

How to quickly fix common WingtraPilot crashing issues and prevent further occurrences. Section 1 is a quick field fix guide. Section 2 goes over loop crashes. Section 3 covers random crashes/freezes.

ISSUE: When attempting to open the WingtraPilot on the tablet, the application crashes and does not open. Sometimes, this is caused by a corrupt flight plan. I.e., when the application tries to open the most recent flight plan, if it's corrupted, the program crashes. Beside corrupt flight plan files that are most common, crashes can be caused by other factors such as low memory, too many applications open, temperature, Android version, tablet version, too many files, wifi, battery, duplicate file names, and very large missions.

1.) Quick field troubleshooting guide for the tablet

-Restart WingtraPilot application

-Power off tablet and restart 

-Cleanup missions and offline maps

-Force stop, clear cache, and clear data 

-Uninstall the application then reinstall

-Check HW and SW versions 

-Reset the tablet network and settings


It's important to report the issue, observe the crash behavior, and be detailed in observing the environmental conditions leading up to the crash. Follow the basic troubleshooting solution steps below to address the most common tablet crashing issues.

2.) WiP app crashes continuously when opening


Fix corrupt flightplan file: The suggested procedure to fix the crash loop is to first move the flight plan file out of the projects folder. Then open WingtraPilot. You can do this, as well as take other preventative measures, by following these steps:

Step 1. Close all programs and open up the file explorer; the My Files icon (see below) is where you can begin to search for the Wingtra folder located on the tablet.

Screenshot_20190617-183806_Samsung Experience Home-2

Step 2. Click on Internal storage to display a list of folders installed on the tablet.

Screenshot_20190617-183820_My Files-1

Step 3. Look at the Internal storage capacity line at the bottom of the screen to make sure you have enough free space to run the application. If it is full, free up space by deleting unnecessary files.  This is how it looks on Android version 9.

Screenshot_20190617-183831_My Files-1

Step 4. Find the WingtraPilot folder and open up the Projects folder nested within.

Screenshot_20190617-183850_My Files-1

Step 5. Locate the most recent flight plan. Before you delete it, drag it out of the folder and store elsewhere so that Wingtra support can analyze why the file was corrupted.

Delete the flight and delete other old flights that are no longer needed to clean up the folder. Try to avoid duplicate mission names.

Screenshot_20190617-183910_My Files-1

Step 6. Now try to open WingtraPilot again. It should open successfully if not proceed with the next article below.

3.) WiP crashes or freezes

Since this can happen for a number of reasons, the following solutions are listed to get to the possible root of the problem:

Close other applications: In general, please try not to run multiple applications at the same time during the flight. Other applications running in the background can decrease system performance. To close an application Press on the bottom right button that looks like 2 rectangles stacked together. From there, click close all or swipe up to close the apps.

Screenshot_20200609-214445_One UI Home

Clean up the drive and open memory: Open up the Settings interface then click on Apps.

appsScroll down until you hit WingtraPilot, then click on it to reach this screen.

cacheIf the app is stuck first try a Force stop before clearing the cache. Select the Storage button under usage to access the Clear data and Clear cache commands. In addition to clearing cache, you may in the WingtaPilot folder still need to manually delete old missions on maps.


You can also clean up the memory on the tablet by entering Device care then optimize the Storage and memory by clicking the cleanup command.123-46

If clearing data and cleaning up memory did not work proceed to reinstall WiP. 


Reinstall WiP: Under Apps and WingtraPilot this time select Uninstall

Screenshot_20200609-214511_SettingsNow we must find the latest release folder located in "Internal storage > WingtraPilot > Releases > V1.XX.0"  then open the APK file to reinstall the program. If you deleted the file contact or support or find the correct release using this link.

Screenshot_20200609-214551_My Files


Reset tablet settings: If the issue is still not resolved the next step is to reset the tablet parameters. Click on Settings then click on General management to reach the following screen.

resetClick on the Reset button to pull up the following options. If the tablet is crashing when it connects to wifi or not connecting to the internet click on Reset network settings

Next, try the Reset settings to set everything to default followed by the last attempt of Factory data reset. You will need to reinstall WiP after doing this again.


There are 2 different tablets versions if you are running the "Samsung Galaxy Tab A" please consider upgrading to the "Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 tablet." Do not use other tablets that are not provided through Wingtra.  

To guarantee that WingtraPilot runs smoothly on the tablet, make sure to update the Android operating system of the tablet regularly. You will be reminded with a pop-up whenever there is a new Android version. Make sure to update it to the latest version.

For tablet HW related crashes please refer to the article Troubleshooting Tablet Crashes.


Please report all tablet issues to support@wingtra.com even if you are able to resolve the issue yourself. It will be helpful in fixing the problem.