9. Get started with WingtraOne PPK module


  1. PPK module including antenna
  2. PPK licensing dongle
  3. One-time license activation USB stick
  4. PPK top cover



How to deploy

Skip steps 1-4 if the PPK module is already installed.

  1. Plug the cable of the PPK module into the connector on WingtraOne's white cover.
  2. Screw the PPK module onto the white cover. 
  3. Latch the antenna cover.
  4. Screw the antenna as shown in the picture and make sure the green marks line up. Your WingtraOne is now PPK ready. 
  5. Follow the tutorial on knowledge.wingtra.com to activate your WingtraHub license and learn how to geotag WingtraOne PPK images for the first time with the provided demo project.

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